Thursday, 12 June 2014

World Cup 2014 - Collaborative Effort

Dear students,

Our school year is coming to an end but, as learning can and should always take place, let's prevent summer learning loss by getting involved in different and fun activities, shall we?
The first idea was to get your help (and your parents, too) in identifying all the Portuguese team members for the World Cup in the picture below - can you please collaborate? You know I am not a football fan, but most of you are! I've done what I know and would like you to do the rest. Feel free to add any extra info / resources you find appropriate to introduce our amazing football team to the world ;)
Now, how do you do that?
1. Please click on the picture and then on the top right corner, click on edit.
2. To tag the picture, just place your cursor wherever you wish to leave your pin. Then you can choose the colour and size of your tag (below, left hand corner).
3. Add the name of the team member (as well as your own in the end!) and a link (URL) for a video, for a website, FB...
4. In the end, always click SAVE!!!

Here are our heroes! Let's work in a team to achieve our goals just like we expect our players to do, right? Please tag them :)   
Thank you for your collaborative work, folks!


  1. Replies
    1. Good luck for the world cup Brasil
      Wewill give 3:0 to Germany...................I hope..................

    2. I hope that at least Portugal pass the group stage

  2. best team in the world, wins for us: PORTUGAL PORTUGAL PORTUGAL

  3. It is so easy.......
    And we lose 4:0 to Germany too bad it seems that the animals were right.....

    1. I think the team that now form had better figure

    2. Yes, Gonçalo, I also heard about the animals (namely an octopus, an armadillo, a giant panda...) that have turned a kind of oracle :) Unfortunately for us they have been correct in their choices...
      @Diogo, you mean the team could have played much better, right? Couldn' agree more!!!